Looking at how to make a sound echo in tunnels

So recently I’ve seen some game’s like “Wayfort” and “Pacfico 2” and a couple others with a tunnel in there game and when you enter it whatever is making a sound in it “Echoes”, “Wayfort” having the best so far. This is something I would really like to get going in one of my games that I am working on. I pretty much know nothing about scripting I was told something about “Region3s” I do want to keep this topic fairly short and being my first ever its very un-neat, if someone knows how to do this and would be willing to do it for me please DM me on Discord at (2FastHemi#8228)


Imagine a cuboid filling the entire volume of the tunnel. Now picture using Region3 to make up the dimensions and position of the cuboid.

You can use the .Renderstepped event of Runservice on the client to check every frame if any child within the player’s character is in the region using these functions:


If the desired condition is met, you can increase the echo of the sounds (property) around the player locally without affecting other people’s sound.


See the thing for me is I have ADHD and something like scripting would be hard for me to focus on, and then i would most likely mess something up or just forget simple lines of code that’s the main reason I said if someone could possible do it for me (I tend to build in Studio and model in Blender)

https://www.roblox.com/games/3230924806/Tunnel-Echo?refPageId=f847f6a7-38b1-4c02-b654-47dc101a7112 Heres a example

Sorry about that bro. I don’t have much advice for ya there… maybe you should ask one of your friends. Keep trying, though!

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Eh not very many of my friends would probably be able to do that and most of them are offline half the time.

EchoSoundEffect might help you.

Fill the tunnel with a brick with CanCollide off.
Make a LocalScript inside StarterPlayer that detects when that brick is touched. If what touched the brick has a humanoid in it, check if that character belongs to game.Players.LocalPlayer. If it does, change the SoundService.AmbientReverb property to whichever reverb you want. Do the same but for bricks on the exits of the tunnel, and the normal reverb.

I don’t think anyone’s gonna type out the code for you.

It’s likely that if you had the ability to type out this post, you can build and model, you won’t have an issue with scripting. I do not have ADHD yet as someone who is considered an advanced scripter by many I constantly find myself searching up how certain functions/properties work.

Good luck on learning to script, don’t let a disorder get on your way!


I dont think it goes quite like that tho i was told something about “Region3s”

I normally have friends script stuff for me because I find scripting hard to do

I have adhd too lol, tics etc, anyways. I’ve been programming with lua for almost 8 years and I’m still not too good at it. I can do basically anything but the code would just be messing and overly complicated. Just keep trying and you’ll get to it!