Looking Back at RDC 2017 and Preparing for RDC 2018

Roblox Developer Conference, better known as RDC, is celebrating it’s fourth anniversary this year, and we can’t wait!

The conference started back in 2014 and has been growing ever since. Last year, Roblox welcomed more than 200 creators into a hotel in San Francisco, and an additional 100 creators in a space in the United Kingdom. The mission for the weekend was simple: give creators a chance to meet each other, learn more about developing on Roblox, and inspire some new creations.

Over the course of 3 days, developers watched presentations, took part in the annual Game Jam, and met tens, if not hundreds, of developers from around the world. During these presentations, viewers are given insight into what some of the internal Roblox teams are working on, and have an opportunity to learn new ways to leverage the Roblox platform. Developers can also give direct feedback to the internal teams and ask questions about the projects being presented. Last year, attendees were able to watch the following presentation topics, which are now available on Youtube!

These presentations can be viewed on the YouTube stream here:

The Competitions: Building Competitions, Game Jam and more (US and EU):
At RDC 2017, we hosted an afternoon Game Jam, as well as a few other competitions; developers were able to choose to join a building competition, or the classic Game Jam. Developers from around the world joined fellow developers to make creator teams, and have hours to focus on a game experience, model, or showcase. Three teams were awarded prizes at the end of the Game Jam, based on the four categories: Execution, Originality, Design and, of course, Fun!

In third place, we had Lumber Tycoon 2, with a team of five behind the development of the game: badcc, Defaultio, Quenty, and Crykee. Second place went to FearMeIAmLag, Woot3, Zomebody and MasterOfTheElements for their work on Mine Madness. zKevin, Phenite, Mah_Bucket, PressurizedSphere, Iwishforpie1 took first place for FAXSTORY. We also sent the following builders home with awards for their work:

Don’t worry, the EU got in on the competitive fun too!

Across the pond in London, developers were able to take part in three different competitions: a Game Jam, a building competition, and a Roblox tournament, where developers played hand-picked Roblox games!
In the Roblox tournament, MasterOfTheElements took second place, while ROBLOX_Clothing took home first place! During the building competition, Sorcerer and Sorcerer 2 won Animula_MusicDev an award, and LightLimm was awarded for their work, Magic.

Game Jam in the EU was just as intense, and Roblox sent three teams home with awards again. Crazyblox, Younite, Ysko and Simoon68 were sent home with Honorable mentions for their work on The Mystery of Bazooka, along with FierceByte, Neutre, and Chichine for Magic Learn. Taking home third place was Broom Broom, which was developed by Craftero, Zyleak, Daireb and Webmotion. In second place, we had Elemental Baguettes, by Ravenshield, Asleum and Sofloann. First place was awarded to the team behind Ice, Wind and Fire, which was developed by MasterOfTheElements, jjwood1600, Zomebody, Bluay and Arch_Mage.

Looking Ahead to RDC 2018:
As we approach RDC US this year- and shortly after, RDC EU- we are gearing up to welcome an even bigger number of developers into our conference! We’ll have our annual Game Jam and some new topics from some amazing internal employees! There will be three different tracks at RDC US; Design, Running Your Business, and Developer. Topics this year will include:

  • Designing for Performance
  • Making Your Game More Social
  • Know Your Skills; Find More Robux
  • Better Understanding Moderation for Game Development
  • Effective Combat Design and Mechanics
  • Developing Feature Rich Plugins for Roblox Studio
  • And many more topics!

Are you missing RDC 2018 this year? Don’t worry, it’ll all be recorded and posted on YouTube! Be sure to check back for the stream (we’ll also let you know when it’s live).


game jam was really fun last year, gonna be even better this year now that we have 21 hours


Can’t wait to see everyone there!


I hate to be that guy, but that right there is a spelling error.

Anyways, see ya’ll then.


Fixed! :slight_smile:


Very very excited for RDC Amsterdam!! Will there be another tournament like last year, even without a prize? It was very very fun and enjoyable last year and I’d love for there to be another one!


Wish I could go… :frowning: Have always wanted to go to a Roblox event.

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Can’t wait for RDC US! Gonna be great to put a face to all these names and get away from the daily grind of working! :smiley:

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This year I will come back with the trophy :triumph:

Personally, I doubt it. The preliminary stages for the tournament had already started by this time last year and the sign ups for it were a couple of months in advance.

I can’t really say I even blame them for not doing it again either given its negative reception. Sure, it was fun for us finalists but forcing every other attendee to sit through about what I think was like 90 minutes+ of gaming many probably didn’t care to see? not exactly the best move (but I suppose they probably needed an audience).

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oof pls fix


It was not forced, I was there and we had the possibilitie to go out if we wanted.

From what I’d heard, they weren’t handing out the “goody bags” that included the t-shirts/other merch until after the tournament was over, so a lot of people had reluctantly stayed.

So while forced might not have been the right word, it probably could have been handled better.

You guys better watch out because I am coming for that trophy again. :eyes:

Also can’t wait to meet all of you fancy developers again!

Watch out, I’m not gonna be happy with another second place finish :wink:

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Woohoo! RDC Hype! Packing tomorrow and I booked an extra day to sight see after RDC. Gonna be AWESOME!

RDC last year was amazing - hyped for this weekend :grin:

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Super excited, especially this year as an accelerator I won’t feel weird to talk to anyone :sweat_smile:
Also STICKERS!!! Super excited to re-experience people’s joy in seeing a mini-drawn them like last year :’) See you all there!!


See everyone there! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hype for this.

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