Looking for 2-3 Developers (Project)



Hey, we have now got a scripted! Currently just looking for builders now!

**Looking for 1-2 Builders and a scripter **

Hey, if your interested on working together to make a game with me then continue reading to find out what we need and our requirements!


*Active 4 days a week/minimum 2 hours per day
*Friendly and not afraid to tell us ideas
*Have 1 Year experience in building
*Experience in coding guns, round changing and data storing.
*Good at creating low poly/cartoony maps
*Will be able to work for 6 months maximum

What we are needing from you (Builders)
Hey there it seems you meet the requirements?
Well here is what we would expect you to develop! We are looking for 1-2 Map builders to make in total 10 Medium size maps within the space of 6 months. These maps must all be different themes and be a decent size for a 6v6 gun battle. All maps must look nice, and have a spawn point where the players can’t get spawn killed, they mustn’t be too much open space either.

What needs scripting?
We would need a round changing, map voting, we need a revolver scripting ( a bit like the 6 Shooter gun on fortnite for reference) Camera position and the Gui’s (I will be able to help with some of the scripting) and different game modes.

But what would I/we get paid?
If your think you can create all of these maps on your own you’ll be looking at around 30% of the profits, but if you think your going to be working with an partner or if you would like a partner you will be splitting 36% (18% each for a equal cut)
Turns out, you’re going to be getting most of the profit! You’ll be getting paid 40% of the profits if everything is done to a minimum expectation!

But what will I be doing, and why am I getting 30%?
Hey, I’m jack and I’ll be doing all the graphics, including the games icon, thumbnail and the game logo. I’ll also be doing the User Interfaces, building the lobby along with 1-2 maps and I’ll try to help out with some scripting!

But how would we get players?
Easy, for advertisement we will be putting out sponsors, advertisements and requesting to be on the featured page, along with sharing the game on social media.

Feel like you got what it takes?
Then message me on twitter or Discord
We will then want to see examples of your work,
And we will then give you more information and details on the project if you are accepted to be apart of our team!


Seems like a good opportunity, but it seems your discord does not work.


Oh sorry, put a 9 instead of a 0 let me fix that real quick!


The payment isn’t very fair. Each builder should get at least 20% and the scripter should get at least 45-50%.


What would be fair payment? I agree the scripted should get around 45% but then the builder should get 30% and then I’ll get 25%. But if they choose to split the building tasks they they’ll get 18% Each meaning 36% and I’ll be getting 19% And the scripted will still be getting 45%. Would this be fair?


What will the style of the game look like? Each builder has his/her own building style and it would be beneficial to know what they are getting into. Such as me for example, I exceed in building industrial, modern, and all-around architectural buildings, but do not build well in vegetation, cars, or living entities. This looks like a good opportunity for me as a builder, but unless you specify exactly what this project will look like, it wouldn’t be fair to me to be involved in this project.


Hey, if you get in touch with me via discord SirKnight#8130 Then I can send you some images on the build style I am looking for either today or tomorrow depends if I can gain access to the game so far as I’m on mobile.


Whenever it comes down to your first project you’ll more than likely be forced to pay the most and recieve the least.

(If following @Yeita’s suggestion) Currently the payouts would be distributed as:
40% - scripter
40% - both builders (20 per Builder)
20% - what you’ll receive.

Here’s a few questions you must ask yourself -

  • Is it absolutely necessary to have two builders apart of the team?

  • Are you not capable of building yourself? Contrarily to popular belief quantity builds isn’t a huge turn off to players.
    Prime example beingthis

  • Is one builder more skilled than the other? If so why not keep the less talented as backup just in case the other builder becomes unavailable or abandons the project.

  • Is there more important roles that need to be filled compared to the two builders? Examples being Animators,graphic designers.


Hey, if you read it carefully I stated if you think you can build it all on your self, feel free to and get 30% but if you need some help from another builder then I’ll up your pay to 36% in total and give 18% each. Leaving me with 19% but I do see where your coming from, where I might need animators, graphic designs, music composers etc. And would it be good to hire just one builder? Meaning that they get 25%, an animator which would get 15%, the scripter would get 40% and I’ll get 20% - In my opinion if I was to hire a animator along with just one builder this would be fair payment.


I’m willing to work, but only on weekends.


Hey, im interested, but need to know more about the game. I’d appreciate it if you could message me.


I’m interested, I have experience developing various weapon systems (First and Third person) along with experiments with Minigame/Round based games and would love to be a part of a new project. I have been programming with lua for nearly 5 years now.

I have also worked with Secured Networking, Data Encoding, and Revertable Data systems (Data systems that can be reverted in the event that something went wrong with the players data)

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