Looking for 2 Modelers and a GFX Artist/UI Designer for Fall Accelerator Program

I am looking for 2 experienced 3d modelers, and a GFX artist/UI designer to join my dev team for the Fall Accelerator Program.

You must be 18+ by September 1st

About Me

I am a experienced programmer, modeler, builder, and I can also do basic textures. You can see my portfolio here: GoldStorm950 - Scripting Portfolio [Not for hire]. I will be the main programmer for the team. Also even though I believe the stuff in my portfolio is great, I have advanced a lot since the stuff in there.

The game I am looking to develop

I am looking to develop a new RTS that will be friendly to new players and easy to understand. Players will load into an arena similar to one from clash royale. There will be competitive play (1v1) where there is a tower on each side of the arena. The map is separated into 3 lanes of combat. There will be ‘boxes’ of territory in each lane that if you take control of you can spawn tanks, planes, buildings (units) in that territory. Units will cost oil to make. In each box of territory there will be a oil pump location and if you build that pump, you gain oil from it. Building the oil pump up will also give you control of the territory behind it. Keep pushing forward, and destroy the enemies tower to win. You have complete control over your units. There will also be other game modes for more than 2 players.

You will have all units unlocked and we will get robux through unit skins and camos. Also team colors and various other game passes that do not provide a competitive advantage.

I already have a lot of experience in making a game like this thanks to my previous RTS. Here is a quick video on my previous RTS: Quick Battle - YouTube

Positions Available

Unit Modeler - [Low Poly] The unit modeler will create 3d models for tanks, planes, turrets, and other buildings. Each unit will be classified such as “Tank” or “Heavy Tank”. The default skin will be just a cartoony looking unit and other skins could be things such as “Modern US Tank” or “WW2 US Tank”.

Map Modeler - [Low poly] The maps will be made with 3d models. There will be different styles of maps such as tropical, snowy, desert, city, etc. The battle area will be a rectangular shape and will be flat with some boxes of territory at different elevations. The map will have to be designed to keep players in the field of battle using perhaps mountains surrounding the field of battle, an ocean, or other methods. You could even make it into a stadium. The map will also be small as the units will be very small compared to a roblox character.

Lead Scripter -@GoldStorm950
Scripter - @serverOptimist

GFX Artist/UI Designer -Would make any GFX needed along with the games UI. GFX could include game passes, thumbnails, game icon, etc. This position does not receive a percentage of payouts but rather compensation from either roblox or me. I would be willing to pay 500+ USD for this if roblox does not compensate you.

Roblox will be paying developers a stipend for the program, plus you will earn a percentage of profits and all the other benefits that come out of the program. Modelers and the scripter will each get 20% of profits.

Message me on the devfourm or on discord if you are interested: Nado#9659.

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I’d like to apply, but i wouldn’t want to have to give proof that i’m 18+ (for privacy reasons). Do you know if i have to ?

Portfolio : [OPEN COMMISSIONS] Low Poly 3D modeler | Red1Monster

You do unfortunately. This is probably due to legal reasons.

We now have a scripter on the team and are mainly looking for a map maker, and a unit modeler.

Unfortunately you do not have any work that relates to building maps, or vehicles such as tanks, planes, etc. You have a armored truck although it is not at the quality I am looking for. Wish you the best of luck

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