Looking for a 3D MODELER for an Upcoming FPS (Frontlines)

Hey everyone!
You might know us from the game, Operation Scorpion. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Ke6SVD95M )

Currently, our studio is working on a brand new shooter game called Frontlines, and we are looking for a 3D modeler to join the team. More specifically, you’ll be working on modeling different types of guns, throwables like grenade, melee like knives, and killstreaks like predator missiles and RC drones.

A friend of mine put up a video of our framework when he was testing it a couple months ago. We’ve already progressed from this, but you’ll get a gist of what’s in the works:

We’re changing up the game’s art and style, the maps and assets will look more realistic in the final release.

I’m looking for a low to mid poly smoothed model.

Once textured, it should look like this.

However, you DO NOT need to texture it. We already have a texture artist. You can if you want, but it’s not necessary.

You can DM me here or reply to this post if you want to know more about the game. In terms of payment, I can work with you with whatever you feel comfortable doing. This is negotiable. I usually pay around 4-10K robux per model (equivalent to 15-35$USD).

Other forms of contact:

The Maximillian Studios Team


What sets this game apart from any other generic FPS shooter? Do you have any unique elements?


I wouldn’t say it’s any different that it could be called something else other than a FPS. The game consists of various aspects that we love from well known shooter games. It’s like a Tarantino
collab – familiar features but our own style. I do believe, however, that we are raising the standard of excellence within this platform.

In this game, we are providing cinematic introductions like helicopter drop-offs, realistic voice acting, and slithering a few cool tricks from film. Above that, we are trying to simulate a realistic, warfare environment while also keeping the “arcade” sense of the game and relating it to the mainstream audience.

Here’s a preview of our customization. Players would be able to take apart and change almost all aspects of the gun. You don’t really see that in most games where you can only change the sights, muzzle or magazine.

There’s a thick list of nice feature we have, but I think the coolest thing we’re trying to do is make the game extremely immersive and implicate a lot of the sensationalism you see in cinema. I’d say that’s what makes us different.


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