Looking for a 3D modeler for My Farm!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a capable low-poly 3D artist to create assets for My Farm (a follow-up to My Restaurant).


The game has been in development for a few months, and I’m finally looking to get some 3D assets! To get an idea what I’m working with now, you can check out the game (it’s very much in still development, and every asset is temporary). 👨‍🌾My Farm! - Roblox

I’m looking for someone to design plant models for the crops that are grown in game (as well as some miscellaneous assets). I’ve attached a screenshot of the temporary assets I’ve been using that need to be replaced.

If possible, I’d prefer that the plants be meshes and painted.

Here are the temporary crops I’ve been working with:

And some other misc. stuff that I’d like to have redone properly:


I use Paypal as the payment method, since Roblox does not have a way to transfer funds into a group at this time. I’m offering $25 for each set of crops (right now I’ve got 21 crops that I’m looking to have modeled, so $525 total for just the crops).


Please feel free to reach out either on the Developer Forum or on Twitter (@d5vid_)



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