Looking for a 3D Modeler to collaborate on a small game [50%]


I am looking for an experienced modeler who would be willing to work with me to develop a small-scale game i.e. not low effort but at the same time not expansive. The primary motive for this game would be to make some money while still having something respectable and fun. If you decide to work with me we can discuss ideas and such as nothing is planned out as of now. Ideally I don’t want the project to take much longer than a month; this way it is a low risk effort and the success of it can be gauged rather quickly.

I have been programming for about 6 years and specifically on Roblox for around the past year or so. You can view and play my latest project here. It includes multiplayer racing, loot boxes, a daily shop, among other things. I can show you around the game if you want, so that you can see the extent of all the features. This project took about four months of focused work, two of which were spent solely on developing the physics.

So, I am confident that I could complete the mechanics of a simple game in around a month. As a result, if you would like to collaborate with me you should be able to work at the same pace. Your job will be to create assets and a map, preferably making some tangible progress daily given the small time frame.

Payment will be through group payout, and I will split profit with you 50/50. I understand that might not be convincing for some and I’m willing to show you more of my past experience to gain your trust. Like I said before, the game itself is a blank slate right now so this will be influenced by your ideas as much as it will be by mine.

I would prefer working with someone 15+ years old, but as long as you are responsible and can communicate maturely, age doesn’t matter to me. If you are interested, message me through discord (big homie#6384) and we can discuss.

Thanks for reading :^)

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I’m interested. Hit me up on discord

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