Looking for a 3d modeler/map builder [CLOSED]

I’m looking for a 3d modeler/map builder to work on a game with me. They would create units, buildings, and maps. (I am the scripter)

The game
A simple RTS similar to tc3, and planetary annihilation. It would be a much more simple game than my RTS Conflict Rising. See that games demo here: Combat Arms Reborn Demo 2 - YouTube. I believe that the game failed due to it being much too complicated. My version one of the game was terrible scripting wise, but created much more profit and retained much more players due to its simplicity. V2 failed because of its complexity. Everybody in the server loves the game but its much too difficult and complex for the roblox playerbase to succeed. Although the scripting part was very good. I plan on a V3 using a lot of my scripts from v2 and making it much more simple and more like a roblox game.

The game is basically base vs base. Your goal is to destroy the enemies base to win. (1v1 + other gamemodes.) It will target 5-10 minute gameplay. You control tanks and aircraft to do it.

The games graphics will be like planetary annihilation. Message me for more information.

Your job

Create me units and maps. Tanks, Aircraft, etc. No naval. If you can texture great. If not I’ll find somebody. [38 Units, 15 Maps]. Not super much detail in any of this stuff.

Why you should develop with me
I know exactly what to script for the game. My scripting part will go quick since I’ve already done it in the V2. It wont take a year for me to do it. Also I got 103k robux for sponsoring and advertising the game and other costs. All you gotta do is create maps and units. I also got 136 members in the discord dedicated to my games so we got some sort of player base already.

Game style I’m looking for



You will get a percentage of the game. That or I can pay $650 USD once done. Contact me at Nado#9659. I won’t respond to anybody until the 12th or 13th.


Hey! I’m super interested in the position! Heres some of my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

This seems like a great developer opportunity! I have no experience in building tanks and aircraft, but I’m confident in my skills, so I’d like to talk about the job more.

I can see that you haven’t included a method to contact you. You can contact me through DevForums or preferably Discord.

Here’s my Discord handle: Fomer#3002

Please let me know if you send me a Discord request!

Link a portfolio of your work.

Hello, this sounds like a nice job but it would be great if you added a way to contact you.
However this is my portfolio FaVmIkE Portfolio - 3D Modeler
You can contact me via discord: 這當然沒有意義#9614 or just via Message here.

Wow, I’m very Interested in this, seems like a great opportunity, you can find my work here on my twitter, https://twitter.com/LakePoseidon , contact me there or Emperor#0107 and I’ll get back to you!

Yall seek a animator?
30chars 30 chars

Nope. The game doesn’t require an animator. I just don’t feel like using up so much time modeling and I want to focus on everything else.

As said in the quote above, you must contact him on his Discord.

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Greetings! I have reached you out with a message in the Devforum. Everything’s there including my portofolio. I feel like it’s a great opportunity for developers looking for a job!

What’s the payment for building/modeling?

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