Looking For A Advertiser (Stadia Studios)

What exactly do you mean by “advertiser?”


Someone who advertises for our group

That information doesn’t help much

I’m confused, do you want people to make ads for the game? Or do you want people to promote the game on roblox, twitter, etc?


Yes that’s exactly what we want

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I can do the job! I am a developer and a influencer on roblox, I am also really experienced with promotions etc.

He asked if you’re doing x or y. That’s two different things. That’s two different things, you have to say which one of them, not “yes.”

Hey I can do you’re job message me on discord.

Ok Add 3wbq send him friend request we will reply as soon as possible

You need to say the tag, you can’t find somebody without the numbers.

My tag is KingTrolling#2815
30 chars…

Ok, I sent you a friend request please Add 3wbq on roblox.

Hi, sorry to disturb you ,but I was wondering if you were interested in a 6 language translator?

I did and also We are not looking for a translator or ui designer. Advertiser - someone who will promote business to other platforms.

We need more advertisers. So yes we are hiring more.

by advertising you mean ads/sponsers?You didn’t give much info on what type of adverising you want.

Is this just an indirect way of looking for an investor? I recommend taking a thorough read of this before making another recruitment post.

No not a investor a person who will contribute more visits like sharing photos on Twitter or other platforms etc

Dude, your making your self look bad, next time you try to report me, send some real proofs, not inspection mode text.

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