Looking for a Artist, Builder, Clothing Designer, GFX Designer, GUI Designer, Scripter, 3D Modeler?

Hello, Devforum Community!

As you all know looking for the right developer for your group/game can be time consuming.

Although we have resources such as devforum and group recruitments to look for developers it gets very repetitive after searching for a while.

So, recently I decided to open up a group where it is quicker and easier to find developers . This group is called Agency’

About Agency

To give a brief summary, Agency’ is is a group where clients like yourself can discover and hire different types of developers, such as Artists, Builders, Clothing Designers, GFX Designers, GUI Designers, Scripters and 3D Modelers.

Agency’ provides a quick and easy resource for our members to use for free with no entry cost!

How does it work?

You may ask how does this work? Well, Agency’ has a discord communication server. In this discord communication server there is a category named ‘ portfolios ’.

In this category all developers of the group will post a portfolio in their relevant channel.

This is we’re clients will view portfolios to decide if they would like to hire the developer.

Entry fee?
There is no entry fee . It is completely free to join the group and discord server.

Pricing for the services from the developer is decided between the developer and the client . Agency’ does not have a fix price.

I hope this group can give more recognition to developers that deserve it.

Wanna become a developer at Agency’?
It’s easy! Join the discord and click on a reaction role you develop in #roles

Agency’ Group

Agency’ Handbook

This is the end of this post. Thank you if you made it this far! It will mean a lot of you could take an interest in my group. If you have any further questions feel free to direct message me or reply to this post.

Thank you for reading!!


Contact Information
Roblox username: iAshleyxxx
Discord username: ashley#0243

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