Looking for a Builder; 15K payment

So here’s the deal…

Hey, It’s me again, you may or may not have noticed that half a month ago I was recruiting builders & scripters for our team before. Well, we haven’t found the minimum amount of people need-ed that are able to work on our game on a long amount of time.

That’s why this post exist; We’re looking for an experienced builder that is able to work on a project for a long amount of time and produce large quantities of work done to our game I’ll elaborate shortly about this;

We are creating a map for our Bray Police County group, it’s 10.000-5000x studs large so it’s damn big to say the least, we need a builder that is able to produce the main city, fix up all the roads, and in general develop the map building wise.

Further detail with instructions and guidance will be communicated via Discord.



Contact Us

If you’re interested for the job please contact; Dannyboybray2#6883 or myself Dav.id#1189


We’re still looking for a builder to fill the spot, if you happened to see the comments below before they got removed, be rest assured; we indeed do pay our devs what we will not do however is pay for unfinished work & tolerate personal attacks, undergo blackmail.

We operate on a basis of mutual respect, fair payment and clear communication the developers we hired earlier however did not follow those same principles and henceforward g̶o̶t̶ ̶f̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ Correction; they resigned themselves.

I hope this clears thing up and whoever re-thought themselves of giving me a notice due to said comments also will re-think themselves now.

We look forward to working with you.

Goldencowboy AKA David


I wish to do this job. Contact me via DMs


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