Looking for a builder for new TNT Rush lobby!

Initial information…

For those who don’t know what TNT Rush is:

Starting pay (may go up depending on quality): 50k

What we want…

A new lobby for TNT Rush that is easily interchangeable for seasons/various events such as Halloween. The lobby needs to be medium sized, energetic/fun, various activities/obbies/etc., not clustered whatsoever. We’re for a mildly cartoony building style or other styles as long as they match the theme of TNT Rush. Also since Halloween is coming up we’d like the lobby to also have a Halloween themed version.

##Who we want…

We need a skilled builder who can accomplish the above requirements for the lobby. We would also like them to be able to build this before Halloween (so we can have a proper Halloween update). If you are interested in building the lobby then please message me directly and I’ll provide you with additional information if needed.

Still open?

No, it’s not open anymore. Thanks for asking though.

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