Looking for a Builder or Animator!

Hi there! We are 3 big HxH fans who got frustrated at the quality of the current HxH games and have decided to make a high quality HxH game for once! We are currently looking for a builder and animator to finish off the team! We currently have a scripter (Shiroudan), a UI designer (JS234Why) and a modeler (kendal). If you are interested in joining or checking out the game before joining please message me on the Developer Forum or respond down below! We will let you play the game itself, instead of sending screenshots, just to verify that the game is 100% legitimate.

The game itself is based on HxH.


  • Have finished Hunter Hunter.
  • Be interested in the game, and friendly towards other members, whether they’re just a player, or if they are an admin.
  • Be ready to create quality builds! We currently plan on using Low-Poly, and a very similar style to Grand Piece Online.
  • Be willing to listen to other people’s ideas and provide your own. As a small group of devs, teamwork is extremely important.


(100% / # of developers) amount of the income (You will not get it immediately, but instead after you have created one quality animation/build), We will share all the revenue equally and are not one of those scam groups where the “Owner” or “Head developer” takes 50% because they came up with such a “unique” idea…

Discord Server: Discord

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