Looking for a builder [Paying USD]

About The Job

I am looking for somone to create an adopt and raise map for me. Must be good at low poly

I need a map similar to that.

In terms of the due date it can be really flexible depending on your schedule. But set aside my limit is between 1-2 weeks.

Skills to have
-Good with Particles
-Good with Textures


$80 USD in paypal

Contact Us

discord: dedushy#7235

I can help you with building. I would also like an example of the build though.

Can you go in more detail with the post? Giving photos of what your looking for and providing info about due dates would be really helpful

Please add me on discord to further discuss the terms and conditions.

I sent a friend request on discord the name is BK

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Hello! I can do it for you I’m a low poly builder. Dm me on discord nithin#0242 :smiley:

Could you pay through group funds?

As of now I only do USD, my only payment method.

and I updated the requirements on the thread

I can definitely do this for you. :slight_smile:

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I am still looking for a builder,

I need one that exactly fits my style as seen in the game.

Also I only pay in paypal.

I’m a low poly builder I can do what you wantI’m a low poly builder I can do what you want

Still looking for the right builder!

I know how to do it the way you want it more I don’t have a PayPal account I’m just accepting robux for now

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