Looking for a builder, scripter and graphics designer for an upcoming racing game

Hello guys, i’m RBLX_Dan, I’m here because i’m looking for a team to work on an upcoming racing game titled ROBLOX Racing.

I’m looking for a team that can be active and dedicate time to the game.

I’m looking for a scripter to code the rounds and lap system for the alpha which i’m aiming to be released soon as we are under a deadline of May 5th due to entering a game jam.

I’m looking for a builder who is able to build small assets and motorbikes. The game is based off motorbike racing.

I’m looking for a designer to design all necessary UI’s needed for the game.

ROBLOX Racing is a game in which you race your friends to win coins and use them coins to upgrade into better vehicles.

Here is the progress we have made so far (The main parts are in this tweet, no scripting has been done) PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THIS WAS DONE BY MY OLD TEAM: Progress

I am looking for a team because I lack experience in all areas of development, however I am trying to learn scripting and it’s going fairly well, but i’m no where near experienced enough for this kind of project. For this project i’ll be the Community Manager and Marketer.

Payment is 25-30% of game profits each, this is negotiable.

Like mentioned, we have a few days to put the game into Alpha and then we can work from there.

Game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/702284159/ROBLOX-Racing-Pre-Pre-Alpha-Tests

Thanks for reading.

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