Looking for a builder


I am looking for an experienced builder to help me make a similar game to that of Blox Paradise and Family Paradise. For an entire map, I am willing to pay R$23,000. Contact me on Discord @COLD#8482


  1. Low Poly
  2. Precise with measurements
  3. Good with designing roads.
  4. Good map maker in general.
  5. Good at making assets for roleplay/hangout type games.

Blox Paradise: https://www.roblox.com/games/656314299/Blox-Paradise
Family Paradise: https://www.roblox.com/games/4241242833/Family-Paradise


Hello! I am interested, I sent you a FR on discord.

Hello there! I will do this for a lower price, i have contacted you on discord. Looking forward to speaking to you! :slight_smile:

Thanks! – NFL

DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper

I can do this. 《FREE》EternalCanadianDev | New Builder! COMMS 3/5

I’d be interested In making low poly assets for the game. Not able to join a group at the moment tho.

Hey, looks like a good offer and I’d be interesting in helping on your requirements/tasks.

I’m available on Discord or here, you can add me there by using my pin, Dark-Sama#8056

I‘ll discuss more then, ie; previous work, time needed, etc.

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Hi sir im interesred check discord ZeXelDev#8308

Hey, I am definitely interested! I added you on Discord, add me back then DM me and we can definitely talk.


Hello! I am interested on the job offer. My Discord: BloxxarPlayz#2392

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