LOOKING FOR A Community Manager/Social media manager

Please read before contacting me!

Greetings, I’m a Developer Of Soapy games, And We are looking for A Comunity Managaer/Sosical media manager For Soapy games. Our game is Called Interviewing famous robloxians.

Sneak Peeks

The Team
@Coopcal2 - Project Manager/Leader/builder
@Bot1_coopsclothing- DEV
@buissness_dog Creative Concepts
@Thereal_Andro Scripter

What is Interviewing famous robloxians.

Interviewing famous robloxians is a game where you learn about famous robloxains.

What we need you to do

  • Review and approve applications

  • Get in contact with influencers

  • Make affiliations

  • Get people to join our Roblox group and games

  • Suggest developers

  • Manage Our Groups


You will get 5 - 15% of the game’s revenue. The more people you can get in our community, the more percentage and Robux you will make.


  • Have past experience
  • Be active

Contact Info

Just PM Me.

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