Looking for a conceptual artist

Hello, I’m looking for a conceptual artist to come up with some ideas for some power armor for me to model for my final Fallout build on roblox. You will not be paid but will be credited for your concepts in the final product, with that being said now for the request for collaboration. I’m a huge fan of the T-45 and T-60 power armors from Fallout. (X-01 is ugly) And as you know I put lizards in every single place of mine, my final fallout build is of no exception. So here’s where I need your help, I lack a creative mind for creating armor, I’m needing some concept art of a good looking rig of Power Armor to use for my lizard that’s themed after the T-45/T-60, the armor’s helmet needs to have a good helmet designed for a serpent or raptor like head a and an armored tail that fits into the design. And lastely, looking to make the design a bit less bulky then the Fallout 4 power armor.

If you’re interested you can post below or message me directly, else you can ignore this post.

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