Looking for a couple of players who'd like to try out a game, and

Hey der!

First of all, let me say this.

I’m sorry for my grammar. I’m Dutch.

I’m currently working on a old project of mine. And, as far i can test, the game fully works (Script-based then). I’m looking for some players who’d like to test the game and actively write down their issue’s they experience in-game. Make sure you have a friend with you who’d like to play too. It’s currently a 2+ player game.

You can play the game here: Bomb Tag

Introduction to the game:
It’s pretty simple. Once a round has started, a random player gets a bomb placed on their head. Within 60 seconds the bomb will explode, and kill you. But! You can save yourself and touch a different player, and give them the bomb.

The bomb keeps killing untill the last man is alive. (The Bomb 60 seconds countdown resets everytime someone died).

So, get ready, and run fast!

Please, write down your experience underneath this post.

Small edit: If you’d like, you can stay in contact with me through my Discord-group. If you join through this link: https://discord.gg/VANA4J you should end-up in a ‘Bomb-Tag’ chat in a Discord-group. If you’d rather want to speak me in private, my Discord is: TangoOliverMike#9343

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Haven’t played it yet however the thumbnails really need some work. I’d recommend checking out @Fallen2D, their commissions reopen on Monday.
Edit: Made me this!

If that isn’t good then I don’t know what is!

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I’m going to hire a Thumbnailcreator soon, once i know if the game will work out or not. But thank for mentioning him

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Oh okay. No problem! I’d definitely recommend him to you.

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I’ve just sent him a message, wondering how much R$ he asks for making a thumbnail.

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Oh okay. He’s got a portfolio you could check out. It’s funny because I’m a developer on a bomb game and I’m going to commission him if the game earns Robux for some art for that game. :rofl:

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I’ll give you the full summary of experience after playing with you:

  1. Map needs to be a bit more bigger. If there’s a server with crowded player, it’ll be just a train of bumping each other and can’t run pretty far from the bomb

  2. You’ll need to diversify the song choices. Each level could have more songs that suited the map.

  3. Give the map walls! The map feels too “artificial” and too lack-luster.

  4. For the lobby, you could use the buildings to make it as a shop, so that people could invest more to your game, not just time-wasting on it.

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I’ll be working on shops soon! Need to think if i’ll add things like trails or something.

Thanks for the other feedback tho!