Looking for a dev [CLOSED]

Required person is found.


You need to follow the format, and include A LOT more information in your post.


Sure, thank you for guiding me. I will edit the post later as I am a bit busy now.

A game with highpoly assets will cause lag at most of the users, you need to optimize a a game. You will never find a game with highpoly assets in it, if not for characters.

We are looking for a person who can do all of the following:
Build (high or mid poly),
UI design and
Terrain design.

Payment will be percentage

I pity the poor soul who’s going to accept this offer.


I salute you good luck. :123: :wink:

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Beside the lack of information in your post, I’d suggest to split the duties since you rarely will see a jack of all trades taking nothing to develop a full game, yeah you stated more than 35% but at this point, if he can script/build/model/UI design/Terrain design why not make his own game and take 70% or more?


By saying percentage, you pretty much admitted that you have no money to do anything development-related right now.

And on top of that…from the look of this post…you want seemingly want one guy…to make a whole game for you by himself…in exchange for less than half of the game profits…

Sorry, but we’re developers…not slaves.

If what i’m saying is a bit rude, i apologize…but you need to focus on finding an investor or come up with a game plan before you take a huge step like this…

I’d be less harsh if you were literality just starting out today, but you have over 5 developers working for you and there’s a chance none of them will get much…

Just don’t hire people if you don’t have much robux yourself, it’ll all go wrong when they all turn against you. Developers tend to get angry when they’re not paid for their work.


If he has 5 developers why is he hiring one person to basically do there jobs? :rofl: (Not calling you a lying just asking why would someone do this…)

There is so many stuff wrong with that post…


I have someone who only scripts and they get 10% more than your minimum. ( My Scripter gets approx - 45%)

if i understand well, you need someone to make a full game for you and be underpaid. Right ??

All the misunderstanding is because of lack of information. I have an investor, Advertising is also taken care of. I also have a team already And I am looking for a person who can do everything as I want to role them as a lead developer who will take care of the game development and fix any errors or mistakes.

Oh, tbh you should say Lead Developer instead of just dev in the title. It’ll clear up some confusion.

Yeah, sorry if everyone ( including me ) is iffy around newer developers. Scamming’s just more common on the devforum lately.


Just a heads up to you guys that a post that had a similar reaction, while make long conversations about the topic everyone involved then got sent this message. I just thought I would quote the exact message from one of the dev moderators.

Hey everyone,

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Please let me know if you have any questions.

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