Looking for a exceptional builder. [%]


Hello, I’m the CEO/Lead developer of Red Penguin Productions; the group that made TNT Rush:
We as a group have made a number of games in the past, TNT Rush being our most popular game to date. And we’ve reached a point in time where we need a new, talented/highly skilled builder for our new upcoming game: TNT Rush 2 (TNT Rush: Boom).

What we want

We’re looking for an explosive/“cartoony” style for this game. We’re willing to make compromising in some regards, but as long as you don’t only know how to build in a realism style you’ll fit the criteria just fine. If you choose to sign onto this project you will be the main builder, knowing this we will need a good number of maps and a lobby. The maps are minor workload as most maps are simply scenery. PM for more information on map creation and what all it entails.


Our preferred method of payment is percentages, we’ll start off with a minimum of 20% (base percentage). As long as you stay with us till the end of the project you will receive 20% of all funds the game acquires. Otherwise you will receive individual payments for what you finished (that payment depends on how much you did and the quality of what you did). We are also willing to do a up front 25k robux payment for signing on.

PM me if you’re interested and/or have any additional questions.

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A builder is no longer needed as the slot has been filled.

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