Looking For A Full Time Development Partner

About Me

Hi there! I am currently making 4 games. All are going very well. Im getting very lonely and tired of hiring new people.

@EternalCanadianDev - Builder, UI, Modeling, (Some Scripting Knowledge)
@COULD_BE_YOU- Programmer, Animator, (Some UI)

About The Job

I am looking for someone who wishes to be a full time partner with me to produce games. These games will all be for fun and not profit driven.

  • We share games we make. (Some go under your name if you do more work, some go under mine)
  • You get 60% of profits from all games that you put more work into and 50% of all games you help me with, no matter how little help it is.
  • You get to communicate with me and we can play roblox games together
  • Someone to talk to you
  • Someone to keep you from feeling lonely
  • Ill buy you vip servers on games if you really wanna play them. (You can invite your friends to these vip server too!)
  • The more games we make the more popular we would become. This can help you grow a Youtube channel and/or get recognized by roblox.
  • Ill pay for any roblox event tickets. Such as RDC (If I have enough) . Or atleast chip in some robux for you to DevEx. (If we make good games sometimes around 200k/700 USD, RDC is really expensive to go to if you dont live in North America.
  • Working on games you may not like, I will try to make ideas we both like.
  • Sometimes difficult work, ill try to give you as little work as possible.
  • Games we publish are not garrunteed to earn money but I will pay for all Ads/Sponsorships
  • Sometimes I cant be online because of school. (Usually 9am-5pm on weekdays, Monday-Thursday)
  • Experienced wth programming
  • Experienced in animating
  • Somewhat experienced in UI
  • At least 2 hours of free time on weekdays and 4 on weekends.
  • Able to speak good english
  • Dosent swear every 4 words.
  • Delivers critisim on all work We/I produce in an unbais manner.
  • Honest and/or outgoing
  • Friendly
  • Nice


I am paying 50-60% of all games we work on. 60% for games you work more on and 50% for games we both work on.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: EternalCanadianDev#1541
(Discord replys will be ignored till tommorow/Friday)

Thanks for reading! :smile:


I hope I’ll be able to dev.

Only looking for a scripter & animator atm. Nice low poly builds though.

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Could you possibly link the games you are working on?

Id rather keep it a secret for now. Dont want anyone stealing ideas. Contact me and ill show. This goes for anyone who has the same question.

I am a scripter and if you have seen my recent thread, I too am looking for a low poly experienced builder to work with. Maybe talk this through a bit more on discord? I sent you a friend request.

I am currently not responding to Discord as I am not able to go on till tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you link me to a portfolio page I can take a look at about you?

Here you go. Some work isnt present since Its for my secret game.

I have friended you on discord, i have been looking for a builder i could work on games with.

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