Looking for a game Icon/Thumbnail Designer. [10K R$]

Hello, Direwolf Studios here!

We’re in dire need of a gfx maker who can make icons, and thumbnails for our game! If you wish to help, the price would be ranging up to 10K R$.

The game we’re working on is an anime called One Piece. If you’re interested, you must meet these qualifications before you contact us:

  • You have to be decent at designing graphics
  • You need to be a motivational person who gets their work done
  • This ones optional, but it would be nice if you know about the game we’re making.
  • You have to be quick with making gfx, because we’re a bit impatient.

If you’re quick at your job, and get it done within 2-3 days we’ll offer an extra 5K R$ for your efforts.

Here is my contact, so you can let us know:
Discord: Drakol#1202

Here is an example of one piece gfx (thumbnail):


I am going to sign up, discord is Clasterboy#5825

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