Looking for a GFX Artist

@Dev0mar and I are looking for a GFX artist to create the following for our up-coming game, Gold Rush!

  • 1 Icon
  • 2 Thumbnails
  • 3 Ads (Banner, Skyscraper, rectangle)

Willing to negotiate pricing. Offering 1-3k R$ for each item depending on quality.

Contact us for more information! <3

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@maplestick is the one you probably want to talk to. Don’t know how busy he is though lol

I’d love help but i’m knee deep in stuff i need to do atm, sorry :c

Anyone else out there?

I’m not a good GFX artist but I know a friend who does that.

His name is Rem0ted on Roblox.

Here some examples:

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If you still need a gfx artist I am available!

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