Looking for a GUI Book template or plugin recommendations

I’ve been searching the forum and haven’t been able to find a good template, tutorial or plugin for making a book gui. I know, make your own, its easy enough. I just can’t imagine that there isn’t any nice polished plugin or template that someone has created and shared that I’m not finding.

I basically just want an information display gui with pages and ability to insert text and/or decals on each page.

Maybe you have an awesome resource for doing this? Please post it!



Please elaborate or show us a picture of something you want to achieve that way I can help you.

Something like this:

Only, more polished / functional. Less DIY

A GUI plugin for making paged GUI’s. Not sure how else to describe it. Maybe it doesn’t exist.

So basically what he is doing is he is making one-page text transparent when you click the next button and the same in reverse. He also makes a basic tween to animate his UI and it played when “Next” or “Previous” is clicked. I haven’t seen a custom GUI plugin but you probably can make this using image labels or image buttons make your book look like a book. What I recommend doing is following this tutorial from future noobs it is an advanced menu tutorial and he teaches how to make tweens and how to make them play when a button is hit. He also teaches how to have multiple text layers that make them work with tweens and other UI elements.

Thanks for sharing the tutorial video, but this is the type of DIY work that i’m trying to avoid. I’m looking for a plugin or model to simplify this which doesn’t require editing of scale/offset values etc.

For example, the Brush Tool plug-in vs. inserting and dragging and rotating and scaling hundreds of models.

I guess nobody has made Slideshow GUI Creator yet.

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Oh, I see yeah something like that doesn’t exist. Most of these really well-done books are DIY though so all I can point you to is to learn tweening, learn how to make a book and pages in photoshop, and basic UI design. By itself, if you had intermediate UI experience you should be able to easily complete it. I know there are some autoscale and UI tweening plugins but you are gonna get the best effects by making it completely custom.

Good luck and fair seas,

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