Looking for a kind, experienced developer to give some constructive criticism on my game


I’ve been working a border role-play game for a few months now and it’s almost complete.

This is my first serious project and I really want it to be at least a little bit successful. To that end I am hoping that there is someone here who has already made a successful game who would be willing to take a critical look at the game and offer some constructive criticism and show me how to improve the game and the likelihood that people will like it and play it. I wouldn’t take up much of your time.

EDIT: I’d like to personally walk someone through the game as it’s unfinished and i am more concred with the logic of the game than the looks,

however if anyone is feeling generous this is the link to the game


if you want to take a look and give some criticism regardless if you’re an experience dev or not

EDIT2: put some of the items that can be bought in the game to starter pack so ppl can try them out, tho guns still need some work

also the bank can be robbed

Thank you for your time


First impressions, not so good.

No offence but this GUI just looks… bad. The GUI also takes a long time to load on a good computer.
Edit: Everything else seems really good actually. I like the other GUI and the map is decent. Maybe make the spawns invisible. I wish I could zoom into first person though. Paycheck GUI maybe needs some work however and it gets really distracting when it pops up so much. I don’t really understand what I’m doing though, maybe because of lack of players.

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oh yeah i forgot to mention that the GUI will be changed, do you think the team logos look bad too or just the general feel of it as a whole?

also why do you want to zoom into first person ? I can set it so of course, paycheck is suppose to be every 5 min and i need to change how it looks, but for testing purposes it’s set to 7 seconds

ye this is why i wanted to walk someone through the game, as it’s a roleplay game so without other players it’s basically not a game at all

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So uhhh maybe this is just me but I actually zoom into first person when playing Roblox a lot. No clue why but I think having the option to zoom into first person makes it better.

I just think it looks a bit to squashed and the GUI looks bad however I like the team logos apart from the immigrant one.

Just noticed the arrow on this road looks a bit off too.

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I like the game play but as @DevKeyRBLX stated the UI does not look to good.


what’s wrong with the immigrant logo? how would you improve it? also as for the arrows, ye i my partner halfased those arrows i’ll make some in blender to replace them

I just think the immigrant logo looks a bit… old? I don’t know how to describe it but it looks more like an icon for the internet in the Windows 95 instructions, it looks a bit like it was made in MS paint. Maybe change the background colour of the logo to white, change the font to a thicker font and make it a lighter blue. That’d make it look so much better.

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ye i really struggle with proper lighting when rendering in blender, i will work on it, thank you for all the info

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@DevKeyRBLX completely agree with you, the GUI isn’t that great.
But when I left the game, I regret having my volume at 100%, some audio had PlayOnRemove (https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/property/Sound/PlayOnRemove) enabled; Sounded like an old, stock Roblox explosion of some sorts.
I swear that I could see some free modeled stuff but that might just be me, still trying to figure out how to get my client to stop launching in VR Mode.
There’s not that many good stuff on that game, since I really can’t view the game; Although I can see a downview of the spawn.

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As others have said… the UI needs work. It looks clunky and covers a fair portion of the screen. Doesn’t look great either.

Overall your game is really nice. I like how there is a noticeable class difference when you go past the wall. The military side is more pristine and the other side is in disarray.
Here are my suggestions:

  • Add different buildings
  • Propaganda
  • Some kind of tutorial on what to do
  • Fix your bank robbing system. It took ages to rob and the text overlayed and in the end I didn’t even get any money and the bank appeared to be broken after that…
  • Try to make it so that you can’t spawn printers everywhere.
  • Grenades and claymores don’t work, not sure if printers do either.

I would try to make your game a little more… alive.
Good job and goodluck.


ye i wasn’t the one making the map i kinda joined half way through the project and soon was the only one left working on it, i’ll add some more diverse buildings

what do you mean by propaganda?

yes i agree the tutorial is necessary

it’s suppose to take 30 seconds so that others have time to stop you, i tried to edit it so ppl testing don’t have to wait that long and ended up breaking it it would seem,

i’m honestly not sure how to prevent people placing printers everywhere, atm you can’t place them if they collide with anything or if they are on top of another printer, however i’m not sure that limiting where to place them to a certain part of the map is a good idea

grenades might be broken, but friendly fire is off so you shouldn’t be able to trigger your own claymore, tho it might be broken too

plz define alive? without players in each team it being a role play game it’s hard to make it more interactive, i’m working on randomly spawned caches atm so that people have reasons to explore the map

anyway thank you very much for the feedback

I want to take all of you again who played the game and gave feedback, I’m a bit ashamed to ask for testing with so many things not working in game as they do in studio so learn from my mistakes and test it in roblox player from time to time, i’ll be working hard to fix everything you’ve pointed out to me

I don’t mind playing it again, I see potential, I really do; As much as I would want to play again, like I already stated I can’t play due to my client, if I manage to fix it then I’ll be sure to play it again. :+1:

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in the meantime i’ll work on improving the game and fixing all the embarrassing issues xD

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Propaganda as in more posters and banners promoting arstotska (which I assume is what your game is about)

I understand the 30 second time limit but it just feels really boring.

I’m not sure how you’d prevent it either but it looks unnatural in the middle of a road.

I could not place my claymore.

There were other players but they were speaking another language and the map appears to be fairly big so I only saw 1 player despite like 5+ other players in the server.

You need to make your game initially move alive (interactive, fun, eyecatching) to capture those first gen of players. I’m not sure how I could describe this more.
I would definitely suggest changing your name from border simulator to something else. Simulators will cast a bad name over your game and it just seems … uncreative. You could try something like ‘Arstotska western border’

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I see, thank you for taking the time, indeed i agree that it’s boring, that’s how i was told to make it when i wasn’t alone working on it’ll change it or at least reduce the time it takes

as for the printers, you’re probably right, it would be weird if there were 30 printers in the middle of the road, i’ll see what i can do about that

the players speaking another language was me and my friend xD

as for the last paragraph all good points, i’ll do my best to figure it out,

again thanks for your time and feedback

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I’d recommend to make the Gui’s more modern, and maybe add some TweenService. Message me on the DevForums on how to do that. Great building though!

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ye most of what you see in the game i literally had to learn how to do just to make for this game including the gui, both scripting and visuals, the idea was to make the gui fit with the theme of the game (dystopia) thus try to make it look worn and ugly, however absolutely everyone agrees that I’ve overachieved on that point and that it looks super ugly xD

You could use the Plugin “roundify” to make the GUI roundy, and you could also use TweenService to make it better.

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