Looking for a long term Programming Partner! [ close ]

About Me

Hi there! I am BloxVurse the owner of Invicta Studios which has had a fairly successful game in the past called Crafting Simulator, which has been sold onto another development studio. It gained 350k visits however I was demotivated to work on it as it became to be something I did not want it to be. I have also been a Game Design student for the past 2 years and still am.

If you are interested in what I am capable of, check my portfolio out bellow.

The Team
@BloxVurse - Manager/3D Modeller/Environment Designer
@YOU - Programmer

About The Job


So this is a bit less like a job but more of a partnership, there is no strings attached if you would want to leave and such after we have made a game or you are not satisfied etc. The idea of this partnership is to continuously bring out fun and new experiences for the Roblox Community.

You will be apart of the thought process of a new game, you can also call shots if you think an idea is better than mine or you would like to implement something you have the freedom to do so.

I will also be taking side commissions and such at times to fund advertisements constantly, you also have the freedom to take side tasks to make a few extra robux as there will not be no major deadlines or anything like that.

UI and Animations I will commission someone for when required and such as I don’t feel like they should take an extra percentage.


Now payment will be a percentage between 30%/40% depending on the difficulty/size of the game.

Contact Me

Discord: @nektxrios#7373
Or on DevForum.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I’m interested, i’ve added you on discord

Bloxvurse is in my opinion one of the best low poly builders on this platform in addition to being an amazing developing companion.

I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a great partnership to apply, since with his experience and skills I dare say you are guaranteed success in your games


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