Looking for a low-mid poly prop builder for Operation Scorpion

Who are we?
Operation Scorpion is a first-person shooter game on Roblox. The game’s mission is to progress the platform’s capabilities by demonstrating development and gameplay features that are highly praised within the triple-A industry. In Roblox, we currently hold the “competitive, arcade FPS market,” and are soon to progress to the battlefield/casual community. With this expansion, we will be offering more spots for creative developers, like yourselves, to make amazingly great games for the Roblox people.

Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/1436977294/DANCES-Operation-Scorpion-ALPHA

What are we looking for?
We’re looking for a modeler that is proficient at using 3D modeling software (blender, maya, etc.). You will be given the role as a lead environmental artist for Operation Scorpion, and will be assigned to create map props/obj that enhances the immersion and experience of the players. The style is more of a “lower to mid poly look;” more details will be explained during development.

OS already has a player base, with a growing community of 4,000+ members, 250+ consistent players at daily peak, and over 3.5 million visits. Our revenue projection is expected to grow exponentially, once we add a proper monetization system and progression. With this said, we will be offering a percentage of the game’s total income. Other methods of payment will also be acceptable. This can be further discussed and negotiated.

Reply below, DM cbmaximillian#0030 on discord or here if interested.


Hey, So we will be creating ideas to make to fill in a map? Or will you tell us what to make and we send you it?

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