Looking for a Map Builder (25K / Map)

Job Information

I am looking for a builder that can create a parkour, or obby like, map. I would also like the maps to have a moderate/easy difficulty. I feel like I may have made too many difficult maps and I need easy maps to compensate for the hard ones already created. The map will be for a game where you have boosted walkspeed (65-100, absolute minimum & maximum speeds… would keep in mind while creating) and race alongside other players trying to come in first place.

already created maps

Some additional information is that each map needs to have 2-4 checkpoints (preferably 3), and that upon reaching a checkpoint you are teleported to another section.

example: player outside of pyramid → reaches checkpoint 2 → teleports inside the pyramid upon reaching the checkpoint.

Minimum Deadline for a map is 11/26

Payment Will be R$25,000 / Map

You can complete 1-5 Maps (depending on your preference), and will get payed 25,000 for each map via group payout.


Please post your portfolio below and drop your discord and I will add you myself!


Hi!! i saw that you are looking for a map builder i am interested to get hire dm me on discord GAMESFORDREAM#4045
hope to hear from you soon have a great day or night

I’m interested in your recruitment post.
Discord: n01ton#0463
Portfolio: Nathan_hickman • Detailed Low-Ploy Builder and Artist • Portfolio

Do you have a portfolio that I can see?

Do you have a portfolio that I can also see?

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I am interested contact me on discord Azroxl#4459

Hello, I am interested in the Low Poly Builder Position.

My portfolio: Mightism | Builder for Hire [Roblox Studio, Blender, Low Poly Builder]
You can contact me on discord: Bernard#6230

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Hello, I’m Interested in the position! My discord is Sinox#5016, just please reply with your own discord so I know who to add as I have quite a few friend requests and might not be able to find it. [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder

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I am a modeller and GFX artist for 7 months and have been developing on Roblox for a year. I am interested in working with you. My discord is ʏᴇʀᴛʟᴇᴢ :turtle:#5818 and here is my portfolio if you want to check it out: [Close] Yertlez13 - Portfolio

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Interested in that position! If we can pls dm on discord. Riddoff#3566

I’m kirb.is.awesome#6974.

Hello, I’m interested in making the maps, I however don’t have a portfolio but this is an example of something I’ve built: Vibe Cinema - Roblox
I understand if this is not up to par or enough examples but if given the chance I’d love to work for you.
Here’s my if you’d like to contact me: Inserted#4162
Anyway have a good one and good luck in finding your builder!

Here ia my portfolio link : Azroxl | Low Poly Builder/Modeler/User Interface Designer

I’m interested,
here’s my portfolio [Portfolio] [Builder] DLP's Portfolio

Discord: DLP#7335

Hey I’m interested in the job offer!
My portfolio: Nothing, closed
My discord: Zakaruko#2029

I’m quite interested in this position, and I am positive I’ll handle it.

Looking forward for your reply.
If by any chance you’re interested, I require your discord in order to find out who you are, I have friend requests flooded. I do apologize for that matter.

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Hi my discord is Joseph21#5411.

Here is my portfolio, let me know, thanks.

I highly recommend @k4sah.


Please contact me on my Discord to reach out to K4sah as I’m his commissions manager: 廾凵几卞ヨ尺#3768

Hello! Im very interested. I also have experience making parkour maps. My discord is RazorDot#5440