[CLOSED] k1rboo | Intermediate - Experienced Builder, Game Designer and Translator§


k1rboo’s Portfolio


Greetings! I am ecstatic to see you looking through my portfolio. I am a Polish-based developer, with almost 2 years of experience in the ROBLOX Building spectrum. I don’t have a set style, yet the most jobs I get are low-poly based.

As a Translator, I know 3 languages, them being Polish, English, and German. The 2 first are ones that I consider my priority languages, and I know these at a very high level. With German, I am a bit less advanced, yetI still have enough knowledge to translate from and to this language.



You can view some of my work here:

Here are some screenshots of my work

Restaurant Build | 1

Restaurant Build | 2

Restaurant Build 3 | Commission by Papa’s Chicken

Some Booth Designs

Hotel Room Design

Sci-Fi Lobby Design



WEEKDAYS: From 1,5 - 3 hours per day, dependant on the school situation I am in.
WEEKENDS: From 3-5 hours per day, depending on the family, school, and social interactions.




I prefer being paid via PayPal, but Group Funds (ROBUX) are more than acceptable. I also do shirts IF YOU COVER THE TAX.

I prefer being contacted by an hourly wage, I am flexible on the payment. I accept per asset payments, but it has to be similar to the pricing I would get per hourly wage.


The same here, I can be paid via PayPal, Group Funds, and eventually t-shirts. I charge 4.50$ for texts up to 250 words, 9$ for 250-500, 13.50$ for 500-750 and so it goes. To get your robux price, please use the DevEx rates. :wink:


You can contact me here on:
The Developer Forum: j_veu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoZiGaming_RBLX
Discord: kirb.is.awesome#0071

Thanks for reading and stay safe! :slight_smile:!

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Hey, I’m sure you have great builds but I don’t think it’s the best thing to do making us download all of those pictures, if you don’t know how to make it show up differently I suggest you use Shift + Windows Key + S. Have a great day!

@penywaise I’m so sorry, the photo problem should be fixed now. There was a problem when uploading my photos.

Stay safe, John.

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Definitely Recommended, a great personality and Professional Work can be done by him :+1:

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Still open for commission this might be out of dates that’s why.
add me: The_MrCow#8254