Looking for a map builder

Hello me and my team, monsta cat studios is looking for a talented map builder that can build terrian and buildings. we are also looking for a programmer for our prison game. Its not commsion and you earn 20% of the profits+credits. dm me at twitter @iabandonedtv if you are intereseted


I believe that you may need to list an actual price in case this does fall through.

Unless you are passionate about this and know for a fact that the game will not fall through, you may need to provide evidence to reinsure the users that they are making decent progress from contributing for an unknown price.

Me personally, I would appreciate a price just so I know I am making profit from this contribution.

so you are interested making the game?

Can you add more information about the payment and style? It’s a bit unorganized.

so like every month every one is going to get their share 20% of the profits.

I’m curious to this, As of right now how much does the studio’s income bring in, p/m ?

no robux yet bc i am a poor person so i was planning to wait.

Alrighty, thanks for settling the matter :))

are you interested in building my game?


Yes, I am very interested. However as a developer I request to be paid up front.

To continue this discussion in an appropriate manner, please add me on Discord my name and tag is: $dom.#2111

Is there any backup pay for if the game flops?

if it earns of shirts yes there will be pay

sorry but i sadly dont have discord do you have twitter?

I am very interested too. I unfortunately do not have a discord either. I have been a developer and map builders for years now.

i dont have discord but you can contact me on twitter @iabandonedtv

i just made a discord account its iabandonedtv

added you to discord. ok so we dm?

You aren’t quite understanding what we are asking.

We want to know if there is backup, not if a shirt makes money because that could fall through too.

We want to know if you have the robux to pay us so our hard work doesn’t go to waste because if our hard work goes to waste then we won’t be happy.

Personally this is why I require a payment upfront before doing the building commission because if my hard work goes to waste I would be extremely irritated and mad.

I understand what you mean, but I think he meant he’d buy a t-shirt of yours as a way of payment. costing 1000 etc. or what payment you negotiated, if the game fails

I was talking about the poster of this DevForum post, but alright.