Looking for a music composer

My partner and I are currently looking for someone to compose a 3-4 original tracks for our name game Boardwalk Tycoon. We’re looking for something electronic and summer themed for the game. I can go more into details about the sound, length, and deadlines with the composer. Pay is negotiable and will vary, but somewhere between 20-30k robux. We would like the songs by June 1st, however that dates may also be negotiated. Please DM me if you are interested, thanks!

Go ask Andrew Hawk. He’s worked for me on Kinetic Code and @lando64000 on Pokemon Brick Bronze.

And he’s got no drama :sunglasses: He replies to DM’s on his twitter https://twitter.com/andrewjhaak



When I try to DM him I get a “your message could not be sent,” though. Any idea what that’s about?

Weird. Try to just tweet @ him. He’s not really active since he visits the congo every other week.

Will do. Again, thanks.

What do you exactly need? I be a music composer myself aswell.

Portfolio down below:

World of Tanks Montage and Music Composition

First track ever composed

One of my latest compositions

Latest Album


This was filled and completed a while ago, thanks guys.

I’m pretty sure, 100%, this is not your music.


Ye it’s not your music

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