Looking for a Partner for making a Roblox game

About Me

Hi there! I’m me and just me. A programmer/script-er and pseudo artist with a great concept and idea for a Roblox puzzle-adventure game. I’m looking for a Partner, generally an Artist to join my game project.

The Team
@trshmanx - Environment Design, Scripter, etc

Currently I’m not providing any demos for the game as it is in very early stage (kind of ugly) and a bit of a secret :wink: . Will share everything once we get good contact.

About The Job

I’m looking for a Partner with good skills in Roblox builder and mostly in Blender (low poly modeling and texturing). I code, I provide the game concept and You make arts. We become co-founders and split everything depending on the invested work in the game - fame, credits and possible income.

Depending on Your skills I think we can make a first Beta version in late August. Not because it takes hell a lot of time, but mostly because I lack time, as I do this in my free time.


I do not pay any salaries. We both work on the game and share any income with some % we will agree on…

Contact Us

So if you want to work on a well conceptualized Roblox game and become a part of it, contact me right here in Developer forum.

You must be 17 years or older to apply.


Due some circumstances the project is currently on HOLD. I will get back to you ALL once the development continues.

Thanks for reading!


Im not too sure about the genre, but i would love to work with you.

HMU on discord my tag is Ezmoreth#9570
I’m at work so i’ll catch you when i get home

theres my portfolio:

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Would be interesetd. I will like to work with you.

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I just need to check your work

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Pls sent me Invite to Roblox discord. Im currently only in Script Helpers server.

Never mind. I am in…


I am interested.

My portfolio: [CLOSED!] My builder/modeler portfolio

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Thank you for the interest. Due some circumstances the project is currently on HOLD. I will get back to you once the development continues.



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My portfolio > [FOR HIRE] GoofyLorrd's Building Portfolio

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