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Hi I am a 14 year old Builder, i just started learning. I am looking for a partner because i want to get to know some people and just make a game for fun no cost. Again i’m still learning so don’t judge. a game i was planning on making was something thats not that hard.


Hi! I’m 14 years old too. I’m relatively new to developing in Roblox but somewhat experienced; hard to explain. I don’t know how much time I can spend as a “partner” but I’d sure like to be your friend and help each other out in Roblox when possible! That is, if you would like to.

awesome i added you names GiantNateDaGreat!

I am also 14 years old. I’m a pretty new builder and I’ve only done 1 job for someone so far, so I am not experienced. Like the other guy I don’t think I can be a partner really but I would gladly be friends and offer advice if needed. I will send you a friend request, you can accept it if you want. Good luck finding a partner!

Exactly the same. I’m 14, and i’m also too busy to be a proper partner, so i guess we can exchange our experience on Roblox Studio, and maybe share some builds.

Here’s my discord if you want to share some building pics from time to time, and get some quick honest opinions:


Thanks for the friend request! i accepted

sent you a friend request hope we can get in touch!


I am 14 and I experience in UI design.

Ooo me a DM at callmehSpear#0001 or spear@laverdecafe.com

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