Looking for a professional 3D Modeller to recreate an An-70

Hello, I am searching for a professional 3D Modeller who is able to recreate this. This is an Antonov An-70. It is a transport plane for cargo and troops in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I need both the exterior and interior designs for this aircraft. It does not have to be highly detailed. Im looking for decency and if its good to look at with the eyes.

I will be paying you with robux. We can negotiate prices.

Additional Note
I do not accept down payment because I had a history of being scammed by someone who asked me for a down payment of 500 but never paid the refund (because he never started on my work).

I will provide more pictures and DMs.

Levi.#5850 (Add me in Discord)

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because he never started on my request*

Just wanted to correct that.

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