Looking for a Programmer (% or robux)

Hello Developers!
If you don’t know me, I go by MonkrysGhost and I use to make games in the past for roblox. In the past year I’ve recently been working on a cool new game that i feel hasn’t been done before and that is very close to being finished. The game is a somewhat social hangout game where players can challenge each other to different minigames to earn coins. I really would like to explain the game further, but I don’t want the ideas to be taken. If you are interested in any way you can contact me on twitter @monkrymonkry… Or you can DM me on the dev forums. Or you can add me on discord, monkrymonkry#6642.


What type of work would the programmer be doing.

(e.g) UI work, game mechanics, physics

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All the UI for the game has been created but needs to be programmed. The bulk of the work will be game mechanics; and one small portion you will need to know Physics, but it’s not the bulk of the game.

Would you care to elaborate a little further? Most programmers are pretty niche- it would help if we knew the exact nature of the job, not just the general science.


Basically what needs to be done for the game is if you want to challenge a player to a game like (8 ball pool or tic tac toe, both already programmed) you get sent to that game with either a random player or a friend you’ve invited to that game and you earn coins by doing so. You’ll also need to be able to program all the UI that will be provided. If you want further information without making a commitment feel free to privately DM me.

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