Looking for a Programmer (% Payment) (CLOSED)


Hey there! My name is Zyleth and I run a Roblox Group called Level-Up Studios!

We released a game called Fast Food Tycoon back in March and the game was immediately met with praise, the game itself has been extremely profitable (albeit, buggy) and has been in Paid Access for its entire lifespan. It has accumulated over 120,000 plays in Paid Access (which is fairly impressive) during this short time too.

We are currently looking for a coder to re-code this game because the current coder simply isn’t doing it reliably enough, he’s not a bad coder, he’s a great coder however he has hardly any time to work on the game and it’s setting us back extremely far. Because of his lack of time he’s also rushing the code he does manage to do resulting in it being fairly sloppy/un-optimized, and buggy.

As I’ve mentioned, the game is extremely profitable. Even in its buggy state we have all been able to devex off of it multiple times. With the right recode, and this new update, we can definitely push it even further.


  • Must be older than 13
  • Must be able to work on it for at least 20 hours a week (preferably daily, even if its only 2/3 hours a day)
  • Not so much a “requirement” but would really vouch for you if you could use Mic chat in order to - communicate better.
  • Must be able to provide updates daily about progress made and stick to the deadline!
  • Have this done within 6 - 8 weeks.

So Payment will be a % of the games earning for as long as you keep the game updated and stay on the team. We could also discuss some form of flat pay/commission rate plus %, we don’t have much but we can definitely pay you something other than % too.

If you’re interested please contact me via Discord Zyleth#0001 or Twitter @Zyleth_

Thank you for your time!


Still looking for someone for this!


Found someone!