Looking for a programmer that can assist me with creating a minimap

Hey, I’m FPSVision or Alex I’m currently looking for a programmer that knows how to script and create a minimap from scratch, including showing me how to get the image and providing it to the individual. After that the person will script the minimap. I’m not interested in a viewport frame minimap. To make it clear it will be an ImageLabel minimap. Once the minimap is finished I would like instruction on how to install it to my map.

Payment: Robux (Really Big Budget, Negotiable)
Contact Information: SurGe.Alex#4779 on Discord or just reply to this post.

Here is an example of what I would like:
(Google Search Results)

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I’m interested - I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord.

Shoot me a dm and we can possibly close this out by today

Where is that dm going to be? On here or discord?

What is your discord?

Vicnof Wicnof#9253 is my Discord.


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