Looking for a roblox "portal" tutorial

I’m pretty sure there was a tutorial in Roblox Studio Tutorials where it features how to create a circling decal as the portal, something like this:

It is where the decal is constantly rotating without interruption, pretty sure was using a beam over a particle emitter.

I’ve been trying to find this tutorial for the past hour and found no luck, if anyone does find the tutorial please link it at the comments. Thanks.

Edit: Found a better example

You could use a surface gui and place a image frame inside of it then in a script make the rotation change every few milliseconds.

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I assume your issue is that the decal gets out of place while rotating, what you have to do is use an Attachment which you’ll parent the ParticleEmitter to (put it inside), set the drag up so it doesn’t escape our grasp, and then proceed to do your rotating properties.

p.s depending on the rate/lifetime it might sometimes appear buggy or decals aren’t transitioning to set properties quickly enough. No big deal, all you have to do is keep experimenting until you find the best combination of property values. (You might have to set the speed a little lower than usual depending on how much drag you apply)