*looking for a scripter and gui maker*

Looking for a scripter to help me and another guy make a game.

Paying 3500 Robux + 10% of the games profit for a scripter.
Paying 1500 Robux for a GUI.

DM me for more info

Add Hectic Hacker#7616 on Discord with examples if you a chance to be hired!

No offense but those prices are really low for specialized work. You’re paying somone around $10 for a lot of work.

I’d recommend to try and either increase your budget or give a higher percentage of profits; not every game makes a ton of money after all.


We really just dont have much. I am very sorry.

The offer is interesting, but if you’re looking for a partner, you should consider 40% or more for a scripter who will program the game, and more than $5.25 for a GUI.


I am sorry, I would offer more if I had more.

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You do have more though, you can offer more in percentages.


depends on what you’re making. it sounds like you need a scripter to always go to for scripting needs, so i agree with nite and chad.

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But that’s what I said.

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