Looking for a scripter partner to help me with a game "Obby Land"

The map (W.I.P)

About the game

Before leaving , thinking that it’s just a regular obby …well…it’s not …and if you’ll read you’ll see that it’s and UNIQUIE gameplay

The Team
@Novice_e - Builder
@You - Scripter

About The Job

I’m looking for a scripter partner (must be experienced) . I had an old project named Obby Land"
Basiclly you have to complete obbies to get rewards . Rewards like xp & coins . Xp for levels ofc.Coins…well idk yet , we’ll decide . By lvl’s you open new obbies . More harder the obby is you get more coins . And i though that i should combine “Escape Room” with an obby game
Basiclly when you enter an obby you are trapped there till you find some stuff that will help you repair the teleporter and go back to the lobby to get the reward . You can work how much you want , i don’t have a release date (but i kinda want to finish it this summer) .


I don’t know how the payment will be . Because i don’t own a group anymore . But we’ll find out

Contact Me

You can contact Me here on the Developer Forum or Discord :Novice#4449
If you think that the game/gameplay is good and you want to help … make sure to add me , you must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Having not the slightest idea on price suggests to me that there will be little to no price and you’re scared to reveal the price to the public, it doesn’t matter the amount, just put how much you want to splash out. If this is a case of that you don’t know, you should have thought about this factor before posting!


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