Looking for a scripter that knows what the're doing

I’m a somewhat half-decent builder looking for a scripter who knows what there doing to make a good game with me.

We can build a simulator or a case opening game. We split all Robux made off the game.

I can make the lobby, game logo, thumbnail and other stuff and you do scripting.

We add Gamepasses, dev products, and powerups to make Robux off the game all the Robux we make off the game we split, 50/50


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Suggestion or two on your post:
Typo in the title, “there” should be “they’re”.
Also you should add a your discord account on the post, so people can have more ways to contact you.

Sounds like a cool project, though I already have a lot going on (oof) I hope you find someone to work with you!!

Okay, thanks for the advice I added my discord tags and fixed the tittle.

If anyone got any questions you can go ahead and ask them here or message me on my discord @ Lancmo#1198

What type of game do you want?

Hi, please pay a fixed amount. If the game doesn’t take off, the developer doesn’t get paid at all, or atleast not near enough.

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I agree with precentige payments, because when the game don’t take off, problem may be also in scripter

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Simulator does good and makes a lot of Robux so simulator

I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but people are just sick and tired of simulators. There have been way too many and there are only certain popular ones at any given times, and all the new ones that are made are pretty much lost somewhere in roblox.

If you look at twitter polls, people are more attracted to rpgs and building games like restaurant tycoon or water park world made by popular devs. If you are trying to make a simulator when you aren’t (not saying you’re not, bc idk how popular your past games have been) a well known, popular dev, I can assure you based on past experiences your game WILL fail. I guarantee you won’t make any robux, if any a very small amount.

My advice for you if to focus on more of something kinda rpg based, kinda bloxburg style of game. Maybe even with assets like those in Adopt Me or good-priced gamepasses and dev products.

I hope you have a good day, and heed what I’m warning you of. And, just to let you know, If you ever need a map builder, I can do them


Hey op! your post is lacking. Your title also is still incorrect, and you need to give us more context.

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I don’t really agree with you on this but at the same time i do, yes people are getting sick and tired of simulators but that doesn’t mean that people don’t play them, and yes people want more games like bloxburg, restaurant tycoon etc. For example, Halloween Simulator made around 200k or more robux within like 2 days to a week and no the devs aren’t even popular they just made their first hit game, so i do belive that simulators still can make a bunch of robux the fastest compared to other games. But i do feel like simulators die down in players a lot faster, another example: Wizard simulator, wizard simulator was very popular and had around 12k or more players consistently under a week or more, then died down and now only has around 1-2k at max players each day.

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