Looking for a Scripter to collab with in a MMORPG project

Howdy friend! I’m looking for a Lua Roblox Studio Scripter that could do advanced stuff like data stores or anything that’s in a rpg game.

About the project : This project is similar to World Zero / Vesteria / Fantastic Frontier. There are 12+ maps you could travel, leveling up by doing quest, slaying mobs and getting better equipments.

About me : I’m a low poly builder, terrain builder, and a decent 3D modeler. I’m a fun guy to work with, I’m not those people that are serious all the time and you can never escape my jokes.

Payment : This is a collaboration so I’d be paying percents when the game is in beta or full release stage. You’ll most likely to get 30% but the final confirmation depends on when the game releases.

Contact me! Discord : Icy#9608

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