Looking for a scripter to collaborate on a game with

I am looking for a great scripter that wants to work on a game with me.

What do I bring to the table?
-I’m a great scripter.
-I got 100k+ robux… we can use it to hire other people or for ads. Doesn’t matter. I also got a good amount of USD. (Not gonna waste a ton of USD for stuff we can do ourselves.)
-I also build, model, and can texture. (My textures are just images I find or simple colors. I cannot do advanced textures such as a realistic gun.)
-I’ll actually put effort into the game.

What can I not do?
-I can do guns I think but I have not made them before so I’d have to learn. ( I can easily code them I just have trouble with moving the characters arms and all that. I’m not good at character manipulation I suppose.)

What do you need
-Be a great scripter. Preferably somebody that can do vehicles and character manipulation (If you can’t do vehicles then we can think of a game that doesn’t use them.)

How old am I?
17. This is important because now you know I’m not 13.

What exactly are we going to do
Not quite sure yet. We can come up with a game together but I will list games I would like to do, and games I am not doing.

I am not doing the following:

  1. Anything with anime.
  2. Pokemon or dragon ball or anything weird like that.
  3. FPS. (Idc if its a FPS but Im not doing a game like COD.)
  4. Anything that takes 2+ months. Its cool if it’s in testing phase at this time, but I don’t want to take forever to make a game.
  5. Anything that is cringy or super childish like bubble simulator.

What I will do:

  1. Games that are targeted to older audiences.
  2. Unique games ideas.

Add my discord Nado#9659

Dont respond to this saying this is the most unproffesional post. I could care less.


Hmm would you like to help on my hotel? If so please contact me on Discord @Coldshot#9461
I also have some open room to work on a car game if you would like.

Sent a friend request. Are you a scripter?

Hiya, I can help! I think we can make great buddies! Sent FR on discord! InfinityLooper#7233

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