Looking for a scripter, to script a city game like GTA5

About Us

Hey, I’m FPSVision I’m trying to pursue a game just like gta 5, it will be an open world city game with many things to do, but the thing I’m falling back on is a scripter.

The Team
@FPSVision - Builder, Scripter, Half UI (I will be doing 15% of the scripting)
@ElectricLightDev - Builder
varjoy - Intern Scripter

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.roblox.com/games/3368207972/Society-Version-1-Early-Access (It is 100 robux)

About The Job

I’m looking for an advanced scripter that can help script stuff in my city game, it will be like stuff related to GTA 5. If you don’t know what gta 5 is here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra5IgyQoC78
Basically, to conclude I just need a scripter that can stick with the game and script stuff when needed, I’m sorry that I’m not very intricate with the details but I’m currently created an open world game just like GTA 5 and I need a scripter that can assist with that.


I will be paying in robux, per asset that is made. Payment can be negotiable. My budget will be quite high.

Contact Information

You can contact me on discord via SurGe.Alex#4779


What kind of work is the scripter supposed to do? Saying that you want a game like GTA 5 is extremely vague, simply because that’s a massive game. It would be more helpful if you can specifically outline what you want the scripter to do (ex: custom gun system, vehicle system, UI programming, what specific systems you want created, etc.)

You’re labeling yourself as one of the project scripters as well, but how will work be divided (you do 10% of scripting, and they do 90%; will it be 50-50%; are you front-end and they are back-end?)

Currently the post is just a little vague for a scripter to get an idea of what they are actually going to be doing.

Also - how much do you plan on paying people? It would be a waste of everyone’s time (especially yours) if people contact you only to find out that you’d be paying less than is acceptable to them. Or, if you have a high budget, that number might attract more serious and experienced scripters who generally only work on high-paying projects.


I wish I could check out the game bro but I can’t be spending 100 robux to test out a game. I can afford it but I can’t be spending that amount to test it. Add some screenshots of the game, so we can see the progress of the game.

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I would be interested, but I would like some things clarified.

How much pay will the scripter get?

How will the jobs be split bewteen you and the potential scripter?

I’ve contacted you at bryancololee#2857, but I’d like more clarification on the project before I apply.

Damm this is going to be interesting, i may consider the Programming position.

Got it, boss.

This is the thing, I’m not sure how much people want basically I need a scripter that would stay and script stuff whenever I ask pretty much and we can negotiate a price before they make it. Pretty much I’m paying per asset.

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