Looking for a second coder for a minigame game! (Paypal payments)

http://www.roblox.com/games/268087689/MMod-0-5a (minigames based off gmod!)

Currently, our dev team is only myself and MrHistory. We are currently looking for another coder who could help us polish/finish the codes already mainly coded by MrHistory. For example, a simple round system is already implemented and a simple tool system, and in hopes you could help me them more complex and functional.

Example1: A knife tool that’s already given to the player among start of the game. Maybe you can add special effects when thrown, or power ups, and cooler animations. (this part is up to you, we like your creativity)

Example2: And as of round systems, we already have a simple main game coded that gets players in and out of rounds, with 2 functional game modes already implemented. Maybe you could help us make it more complex, like add camera movements before round starts, sounds, etc.

Basically, you’re kinda our creative coder/director for our team, haha. As of payments, we are willing to give you 33% among release of the game. With a initial 10-20$ after first big contribution.

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