Looking for a skilled modeler in blender

I need a modeler to create the cars needed for my game. The cars will be low poly so it wont be too difficult. Payment. As you probably want to be payed, when the game is released and R$ is earned you will earn 35% of income. The cars should probably take an hour each; we need someone that doesn’t give up easily. We also need you to stay with us for future updates. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about helicopters too. There will be helicopters and planes. The planes can be delayed into later updates if needed too. Message me via DevForum or Roblox if interested. Also, you will get from 1000R$ to 5000R$ depending on the quality of your work (No payout soon as I don’t have robux :frowning_face:)

I hope to be working with one of you soon! All the best,


While I may not be a modeler myself, I think it’s safe to assume that most skilled modelers aren’t going to work for you with such low pay, especially since you don’t even have the money yet so nothing is guaranteed.

It would be in your best interest to offer a significantly higher amount of R$ per model.

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Thats Honestly pretty low, Working on blender is a bit difficult, I have been doing it for 2-3 Years, And i have learned alot, But 100-300 Robux isn’t a big deal

I’m not really looking for a pay person, I want someone that will help me and do it for fun. I dont like being payed R$ too much unless I want something. I develop for fun, not for money.

Like he said doing this won’t get any very skilled modelers to work for you as their looking for pay.

When you’re looking for someone who’s experienced in 3D Modeling, We clearly offer a Higher ammount, Since this is our Job, Doing a mesh for 4-5 Hours, Ain’t worth 100-300 Robux, But if you would like doing it for fun, Just reatch out someones who’s a starter, Or a friend. But remember, Professional Modeling is a job. Good Afternoon.

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