Looking for a talented programmer!

Hello Developers!

My name is James and recently I’m creating an immersive game that is based on Player Unknowns battlegrounds but with better Immersion, Detail, Fidelity and Gameplay. We want to push Roblox above the limits and make the game that we all dream of! Not just us but for the community as well.

We’ve decided to call this game “Exile”.

It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE. EXILE is an abandoned NATO Island just off the coast of Russia in the Caspian Sea. (Yes, This is based on the same storyline as Arma 3 EXILE mod. We’re working on a new storyline so we’re not too relatable.)

Who’s currently on the development team?

Firstly I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jamesfly3 (Geometrical Developer). I’m the project leader and CEO of Geometry Studios. I do many tasks in terms of development for this game. My main skills are GFX/3D Rendering, Building, UI Design. Currently, i’ve designed the map and made it out of Roblox terrain

Currently, my game has 2 3D modellers/Builders and they’re talented. I’ve got the lead developer for Notoriety on my team ‘Headless Canadian’ (He’s very talented and focuses on attention to detail, he’s awesome!)

I also have ‘TallRoblox1’ and he’s very good at 3D modelling and making buildings as well. He’s made the lighthouse, buggy so far and the first aid kit.

Buildings were made by ‘HeadlessHorror’ but due to school and his group ‘Hidden Developers,’ He’s taking a long from games development.

I also have ‘cfiredog’ on my team, He’s currently doing computing in university and hasn’t been that active recently. He’s currently the only programmer for my game but he hasn’t programmed or developed a framework before.

These are the firearms that we have right now. HeadlessCanadian is persistently making more every day for EXILE and for his game Notoriety. He also makes sure that he doesn’t use the same gun models for notoriety.

What I have done so far in terms of development?

So far you can visit some places like our Weapons Development place and the map building assets.

We have many more places but we cannot use them at the moment as it has outdated code and we cannot fix this issue right now.

I have a twitter where you can see updates but I’ll post them as an attachment here anyway for everyone to see!

Plans for the game?

Currently, we’re using a website that was suggested by HeadlessHorror. It’s called HackNPlan and if we have a new idea or suggestion we can quickly add it and get feedback on it. It’s like trello but for games development, so they’re more options than usual and the website isn’t too confusing to navigate.

So far we have planned scripted task that we would like to add in as a future update such as unique weapons and custom character customisation, crates (Dev products), etc.

Who would be the ideal candidate for the development team?

So, currently, we’re looking for someone that has had experience with many different aspects. When you apply for our team then please be ready to show some of your past or current work. Please put effort in and really show me your potential.

You will need to create a realistic FPS framework with integrated survival physics. A good example of this is apocalypse rising 2. We want the weapon to be fluent and smooth as possible. We would like recoil, bullet drop, check if a bullet is in the chamber, smooth transition, Putting weapons on back, Player inventory, etc.

We will discuss more features on Discord and I’ll link my discord below.

Framework - Runs everything in 1 script including leaderboards, UI, Weapons, Animations, Chat, Grenades and FPS components.

Thanks for reading my development post! I’ll look forward to hearing to everyone soon!



My twitter is @JamesMRD5

Discord is James Noot #6687



Huh. I remember this. Headlesshorror made a competition for an icon. This was my submission:

Although I never heard back, and my gfx skills have improved a lot since then, I’m so happy to learn more about your game, and oh boy it looks like exile has a lot of progress and effort into it. Can’t wait to see more!


What do you mean by 1 script? One script for everything? Although I am not a lua scripter, I can assure you this is 100% impossible. Things need to be run in both local and non-local scripts, and this is going to be a very…hefty script.

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  1. Payment?
  2. I’m a scripter and I 100% agree with @nurgenius. Putting everything in a single script is a terrible idea and is neither scalable nor feasable. I have an empty place which has a single gun and two walls on a baseplate, and it’s split up among 3 scripts, 5 modules, and 2 local scripts, and the amount of seperation that affords makes it so easy to work with. I can’t imagine implementing every major game system in one place.
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Agreed. I also kinda toned down on the obfuscating because I think you made a mistake or we didn’t understand correctly, but it is quite impossible. You’d be creating everything from cframe animations to matchmaking in one script?! With due respect this is a death wish on your machine and you dreams.

It makes almost (entirely?) no difference to your computer if the entire game runs in one script or not actually. Even if your game is 100 scripts it’s technically all running on the same thread anyways so this doesn’t really matter for performance.

The amount of computational work that actually gets done per step is what determines the performance.

Tldr don’t worry about things that don’t matter like script count. Do whatever makes developing and maintaining the codebase easiest!


However if they require UI to be included it has to be a single local script, and that is fairly impossible unless it is a single player game.

What does UI have anything to do with script count?


That it restricts that particular script to be a localscript, which is not gonna work if that single script has to be the entire game. It does not relate directly to script count, it does mean you can not just use 1 script as described in the OP.

Let’s keep this on-topic. This is a collaboration thread, the guy is looking for people to work for him.

With all due respect to OP, is it not beneficial if demands that are not feasible are pointed out so they can be adjusted for an ‘even more’ attractive job offer?

I think this should be read as a “self-contained” framework rather than literally “1 script”. I don’t think they literally meant only 1 script instance.

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His wording is enough to confuse three people as is, but I shall leave it at that then.

Way too many people trying to release games like this imo but good luck finding somebody. :+1:

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Sorry I don’t want to digress from the topic much, but can you elaborate the impact of performance on multiple local scripts vs one though? This is something I’ve wanted to know for awhile. While I require multiple modules to make organization easier, I typically only have one main local script that calls all the modules respective update functions etc.

Im sure they mean 1 script per component; if not then get ready for a hellayshus script to manage.

I was a bit of a rush when I wrote this but what I mean is that I need a programmer that can program core game systems. The framework will include everything but it’ll be split into different sections like Animations, Physics, Health & Armour, Inventory, Leaderboard system, UI, Friend/Invite system, Chat system, Main Functions, etc.

Sorry for not elaborating on this earlier but I was quite busy.

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The framework will include core game systems and will be split into different sections within the script itself. Of course, I want other scripts involved but as I’m not a mathematical genius or in general can’t code very well. I would like to add more features in the future but not everything will fit into the framework script. So they might be separate scripts for graphical settings, Network & Optimisation, etc.

Yeah very True. I have a great PC for games development:
CPU: Intel i7 6700K @4.0 Ghz
GPU: MSI GTX 1070ti 8 GB
SSD: Crucial 525GB

I obviously didn’t word it correctly earlier on due to I need to leave a certain time for college.

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Nice! Thanks for the clarification. Apparently (thanks to AbstractAlex way up there) it won’t make you lag (we should actually have a challenge wether anyone could actually make a full game with one script). Good luck on your game, it really has potential :smile: !

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Thanks! That means a lot to me and my developers! I want to gather a programmer that isn’t just looking for obscured amounts of ROBUX, Paypal or limited items. I’m mainly gathering and updating my current development team. People who put in their most efforts into the project will get just as much back out in robux. We’re not having set percentages like for example: ‘Builders get 30% whilst programmers get 70%’. In Geometry Studios, we want people to be rewarded from what they put in most in the game so you can be a graphics designer that’s constantly making icons, UI updates, Posters in-game, decals, textures, etc and he could get 50% depending on the amount of work he’s done. That’s why I’m using HackNPlan to keep track of progress to make sure people get what they deserve back.

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