Looking for a Team for a Pokemon-style Original game!

So I’m in the planning stages of a Pokemon-style game, but with original characters, an original map, original storyline etc.

I have a tonne of ideas, and now all I need is a team who can help refine the ideas, put more ideas in and come together to make the final game.

Message me if you’re interested in working on this!

It’s going to be a very well-made game, not something quickly slapped together, so be aware that it may take some time before applying to me please :slight_smile:

Let’s do this guys!


I’ve been addicted to Pokemon my entire life, I might be interested. Just a quick question: when you say “original characters”, do you mean that as original ‘pokemon’ too?

Are you planning to do sprites like brick bronze or just use animated models? I may be interested…

Animated models. It would be a 3D project, like Pokemon GO; although the battle system etc would be far better than Pokemon GO’s and it would have an actual storyline, although I would like to include some of Pokemon GO’s features such as the three teams and the ability to capture Gyms etc.

@Brick_man Yeah I mean original Pokemon, but of course they wouldn’t be called Pokemon :wink:

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Roblox animations or cframe/weld animations , and how do you plan to use original pokemon but not call them pokemon?

I think he means something that is like Pokemon but doesn’t use any Pokemon characters or the name “Pokemon” itself, and may not have all the mechanics that Pokemon has or even introduce some new mechanics.

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I’ve always been interested in making an RPG style Pokemon game, where other players where trainers and could challenge you to a battle if they wanted (with certain rules in-place) by sitting around on Route X. If this is the path you’re going down I have some big ideas that you might be interested in hearing. Message me.

I’d apply, but I can’t actually animate or build, which narrows me down to… Well, stuff that most people can do, honestly. But by all means, hit me up if you feel like having a run of the mill developer (and I use the term ‘developer’ lightly here. :confused:) working on your game.

Ok! We’re moving forward with this, and we need more applications!

Message me here if you can do one or more of the following:

-Graphics Design
-UI Design
-Any other skills I may miss out that you deem important!

Also, I’m undecided about whether to make this a big project between many talented developers, or a small closed project between a small group of very talented people.
You decide!

  • Big Group Project (10+ people)
  • Small Group Project (3-5 people)
  • Medium Group Project (5-10 people)

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