Looking for a team

Hello, my name is Ryuory I’m 18 years old and im looking for a team to think of ideas and make awesome games I’m animator who been animating for 3 years. my portfolio is [Hire me] Ryuory | Animator Portfolio

Lets team up to make a great team and you guys will be getting paid in Percentage

looking for:

*GFX Desinger
*Ui Desinger

PS: I don’t have a game idea at this moment but i’m trying to find a team so we all can think of a idea and we all agree if its a good idea so we all can be on the same page.

add my discord if your interested @ Ryuory#0684


Could you by any chance specify what type of developers your looking for?

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This does not meet the appropriate requirements to make a #collaboration:recruitment post, how about more information on what you do or what your group is about, the jobs we need to do, the actual type of developers you need? Please add this in your topic to make this appropriate and read over other recruitment posts to get an idea of how you should structure this.


I’m sorry im new to this i apologies

Could you pay in usd? At all?

If not it’s all good.

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